How to Thank a Veteran

Three hundred and sixty five days a year, twenty-four hours a day, rain or shine, hot or cold, from the year 1776 to present day, they’re serving our country.  They are our veterans and November 11th is the official day that we honor and thank them each year.   


So what can you do to show your appreciation?  Here are a few ideas: 


  • Attend a parade or remembrance event held in your community 
  • Brush up on your patriotic etiquette 
  • Teach your children things such as when to stand for the American flag or what to do during the playing of our National Anthem 
  • Visit the gravesite of a veteran 
  • Hang a flag in your yard 
  • Support a veteran-owned business 
  • Hire a veteran or the spouse of a veteran 
  • Visit a veterans hospital 
  • Say thank you to a veteran and his or her family 


Did you know you can even hold a “Care Package Party”? Here’s how: 

  • Invite friends to bring items for those serving away from home.   
  • You can contact the US Post Office for help with packaging supplies for military care packages.  Some items you could send: 
  1. Foot care products 
  1. Cotton socks 
  1. Flavorings for water 
  1. iTunes gift card 
  1. Snacks 
  1. Hand written notes expressing your thanks 


Everyone is busy and on Veteran’s Day we’ll be inundated with advertising. It will be easy to see November 11th just as another great sale day…but it is so much more. Perhaps the most important thing you could do is ask a veteran you know to tell you about their experience and then listen. Just really listen.

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